Dave Goss

Meet Dave Goss - Graduate student and Indoor Cycling Instructor at the University of Florida!

While working on his music education graduate degree at U-Florida, Dave enrolled in the college's group fitness instructor development program. There he earned his AFAA Primary Group Fitness Certification and then completed his Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certification. Now Dave has scheduled classes at both the colleges rec centers 🙂

Dave originally responded to my request for Instructors who teach at both Big Box and Boutique Studios. He asked if I would be interested in learning more about what it's like to teach in a college - to college students, which of course I was.

My biggest surprise during the interview?  When Dave explained how his early AM cycle class is very popular! My experience with college kids is they all (given the chance) will sleep to noon. Listen to the interview to learn who, exactly, he's riding with @ 6:15 in the morning.

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You can connect with Dave through his multiple social media platforms:



While I was looking at his Facebook feed it struck me how neat these images with Dave's class schedule look 🙂

Create your cycling class schedule image to post

Dave's class schedule from last week.

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