Congratulations to ICI/PRO contributor Dennis Mellon who was recently hired by Stages Indoor Cycling as a Master Educator!

I love helping Smart / Talented people become successful and in this episode of the Podcast Cameron Chinatti, Stages Indoor Cycling's Education Director, explains why she choose Dennis to become the latest addition to their Master Educator team.

Interested in Dennis to come to your facility and train you in the effective use of Power in an Indoor Cycle class? You can contact Stages here.


During the introduction, I sheepishly remember that last week marked the 6th anniversary of the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast! Just once I'm hoping to realise another year has gone by, in time to make a bigger deal out of it 🙁


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I was serious about what I say near the end of our interview. If you feel you have the "Right Stuff" to be a Master Instructor for a major brand or would just like to raise your stature an/or authority in our industry, please contact me. Dennis joins a list of multiple people like; Tom Scotto, Doug Rusho, Chuck Cali and others who have advanced their careers through their involvement here at ICI/PRO.




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