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I love discovering smart, talented people who are passionate about Indoor Cycling and Lena Hershey is someone I feel you should get to know. Lena is a brand new (she started in May) Spinning® Instructor at the Carlisle Family YMCA in Carlisle, PA.

Lena's journey to become a Spinning Instructor began with a pretty large life event - moving from her native Russia to the United States three years ago. While you listen keep in mind that English is her second language 🙂

She describes what happens next at her blog LeanLena.com

My name is Lena. This blog is mostly about my way to my personal transformation — from the body I have been abusing and neglecting for the most of my life, to the body I always wanted to have — fit, strong and beautiful.

I am not there yet, but you can see the progress :)


I write about my exercise program/routines and my meals, share healthy recipes, health tips, etc. etc.

I have started this journey on an ordinary day in February 2013. I was in the car with my husband and two step-kids, driving home from somewhere when I said: “I will go and work out at the YMCA every day for a month starting today”. Just like that — out of the blue. I can”™t even remember why I said that or what prompted that decision. I just said that and once I did, I had to do it. So I did.

Once I was done with one month, I just couldn”™t stop. I did adjust my exercise program by now and I am not working out every single day, but I am doing so much more for myself thanks to that decision in February of 2013.

Results — I”™ve lost almost 20 pounds (9 kg) and counting, I am 2 sizes down in clothes, and I feel lighter, better, healthier and happier than ever.

I have become a certified spinning instructor and am now teaching an indoor cycling class at my local YMCA.

She was a delightful person to interview and I'm sure you will enjoy hearing her story in the podcast below. Click here to subscribe through iTunes.

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