I asked the other day; how's the quality of the air in your studio?

Indoor Air Quality in Fitness Studios Study

PhD student Carla Alexandra Ramos

I've been in my share of Indoor Cycling studios where, by the end of class, the air is so thick with humidity that you can no longer see yourself in the mirrors. The room stinks and every breath feels like you're riding at 10,000 feet - your lungs starving for oxygen.

Are your experiences similar to mine?

I'm discovering that there's a very simple cause for poor/bad indoor air quality; insufficient ventilation that is the result of a HVAC (Heating,Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system that wasn't designed for the occupancy and activity levels of the rooms inhabitants.

Typically new small/boutique fitness studios are opening in retail spaces with HVAC designed for sedentary office workers - not 30 athletes riding below/@/above threshold for 60 minutes 🙁

Surprisingly, there isn't much actually research on air quality in fitness studios. However I was able to find a published study out of Lisbon, Portugal; Exposure to indoor air pollutants during physical activity in fitness centers of 11 fitness studios.

The lead author of the study is PhD student Carla Alexandra Ramos from the University of Lisbon, Portugal. Carla agreed to join me to discuss her findings and offer suggestions to improving the quality indoor air in your club or studio on this addition of the Podcast.

Carla has published a number of research papers on indoor air polution that you can find them here at researchgate.net 

Are you committed to the health & wellness of your participants?

Then shouldn't we all be doing something to improve the air we're breathing in class?

A good start would be completing this short survey on the quality of the air in your club or studio.
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