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Our Cycling Studio Owners will want to check this out ASAP...

For years we've promoted Working Fitness Vacations - where you, the Instructor, teache a few fitness classes in exchange for a very low cost, Caribbean vacation. Hundreds of Instructors have followed our recommendations and have really enjoyed their all inclusive vacations.

Now there's They specialize in assisting fitness professionals who want to take a group of clients (your tribe) on a fitness retreat. For leading these trips you, the Instructor, will be paid as the Trip Tribe Ambassador!

To learn the actual scoop on these trips, I asked the marketing representative at Trip Tribe if she'd connect me with an Ambassador that I could interview...

Coach Kelly McCormack owns Club Inhale Exhale in Billerica, Massachusetts. This past May she traveled with a group of her clients to a ranch in the mountains of Costa Rica. It sounds like everyone had a great time and best of all, the check sent her at the conclusion of the trip paid all of her expenses 🙂

Listen to my interview with Kelly to learn if this would be something you could do with your tribe.


Get Paid Trip Tribe Fitness Instructor Position offers dozens of exotic locations across the world, in a wide range of pricing, including;

Trip Tribe Costa Rica Fitness Retreat Review

Trip Tribe Greece Fitness Retreat Instructor Review

Trip Tribe Costa Iceland Fitness Retreat Review

Go here and create a free profile. Spend some time working with their retreat planning wizard to get an understanding of the possibilities. Then I'd encourage you to call and discuss your ideas for a group trip with one of their advisors.

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