I've felt that it was only a matter of time, before one of the mainstream Big Box clubs added an official Rhythm and Movement class offering.

Last month Life Time Fitness introduced AMP Cycle - from this video it appears to be a no-holds-barred, full on party, that will engage the same participants who are drawn to the massively popular studios offering similar class formats. NOTE: I haven't experienced an AMP Cycle class yet, however I plan to ASAP.


There were three important points that I found interesting in my interview with Rob Glick (LTF's Senior Director of Group Fitness, Yoga and Cycle). First how Rob placed their three Indoor Cycling offerings along a continuum...

Life Time Fitness AMP cycling classes

AMP Cycle - Far Left > An entertaining party with a purpose!

EDG Cycle - Center > A nice blend of entertainment and metrics.

PWR Cycle - Far Right > Focused training, with no fluff.

... second - Instructors aren't forced into teaching a class format they either don't like, or aren't comfortable teaching...

... and third - participants enjoy a choice of three different class types.

Listen to the complete interview with Rob Glick below and then share your comments below.

If you're interested in becoming an AMP, EDG or PWR Cycle Instructor with Life Time Fitness, here's the link I promised Rob I'd provide to search for jobs in your area 🙂

AMP Cycle Instructor Job Description

Hey cycle junkie! So, you have an interest in becoming our next artist on the AMP Cycle team? Well, that's awesome and we can't wait to meet you. If you like loud music and choreographed high-energy workouts, AMP is for you!

In AMP we”™re all about the beat of the music and the rhythm of our riders. AMP is an addicting, sweaty, party-like workout to challenge your Ambition, Motivation, and Passion. The best part of instructing this class is you get to be you...period. Engage with your audience! Be authentic! After all, class is all about connecting with yourself and the positive energy in the room. If this sounds like you, apply and audition to be an AMP Cycle Instructor at Life Time Indoor Cycle. We offer training, ongoing continuing education, support and resources to help you be a successful instructor. We believe we are stronger together and take pride in supporting our instructors while helping them be the best they can be! Are you ready to join this rapidly growing team? There”™s an AMP Cycle class waiting for your encouraging voice and energetic personality. We're so excited to see what you got.

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