This weeks ride is from me, Joey! - “In all honesty, I was dreading putting together this week”™s ride. My classes have been after me to put together a few theme rides, which I almost never do. This weeks ride is focused on music from the 1970s. I am in the endurance working phase of my micro-periodization for my classes, so I had the profile already put together in my mind. I used one of my favorite endurance profiles, where we start with a higher cadence in the 100s and then work our way down to the 60s adding tension the entire way. The wildest thing happened, I had an amazing time. Once I started listening to the music I kept on thinking: “Oh, I remember and love that one” and it just kept on happening. I ended up with over 140 songs on my short list to choose from. It really made putting this class together fun. I hope that you enjoy riding it as much as I have.” Joey

Short version of the ride PDF is available HERE.

Get all of the ride details HERE.

Get all of the ride details HERE.

Originally posted 2018-09-16 21:55:14.

Joey Stabile

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