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42 Playlists and counting!

One Click - PRO/Playlists - a new feature for ICI/PRO Platinum Yearly Members!

Now 25 Audio PROfiles (and growing) include a link for you to add the complete PRO/Playlists to your computer with just one click! If you choose to join Spotify Premium you can have the complete playlist on your portable devise, ready for class, in less than 5 minutes!

Last month I posted requests for an "Expert" with Spotify, the subscription music service that's now available here in the US. ICI/PRO member Marc Schlosberg contacted me and while not an expert, Marc's an experienced Instructor who's passionate about music. He was as fascinated with Spotify as I was. We traded a bunch of emails as we independently explored Spotify. We both saw the potential for leveraging this service to save busy Instructors a massive amount of time every month.

If you are not yet an ICI/PRO Yearly Member this is a good time to join or upgrade.

Mark and I realized that we had additional questions that only a true expert could answer and we found one in Jer White. Jer runs Pansentient League which is a UK based Blog all about Spotify. Jer joins Marc and me on this Podcast. We discuss many questions you may have about this service and how it can help you become an even better instructor.

NOTE: PRO/Playlists will not be for everyone. Spotify plays from your computer or iPhone/iPod/Droid the same way a playlist from iTunes plays; with gaps between the songs. So if you are someone who prefers to mix their music with MixMeister this may not work for you... except I would suggest you give the free service a try 🙂 

Spotify needs a wireless or 3g connection, so it doesn”™t work with regular iPods — but it does on an iPod Touch + most smart phones. Here”™s the list

PRO/Playlists will work anywhere Spotify is available; the UK, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

NOTE: The PRO/Playlists are private and can't be found in Spotify. Visit each Audio PROfile post for the link to download each PRO/Playlist.

Listen to the Podcast below for more understanding of PRO/Playlists and Spotify. Let me know your questions and I will do my best to find answers for you 🙂

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