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Ever notice how, if you teach on multiple brands of Indoor Cycle, your class presentation changes a little from one to the other? From the distance all the IC's from FreeMotion, Keiser, Schwinn and Star Trac, look pretty much the same. But you know better if you're teaching at more than one location. Each brand's bikes have their own unique characteristics:

  • The resistance systems react differently and the method for adding and subtracting load is different.
  • The consoles are all different in what information they display during and after class.
  • Is there a lap/stage button? How do you use it?
  • Hand locations & positions vary.

So why not help our ICI/PRO members learn the differences?

Dennis Mellon's profile; The Power of 3 — Three Song Harmonically Mixed Indoor Cycling Sets offers members three different options to hear how Dennis presents the same class on a; FreeMotion S11.9, Keiser M3 and a Spinner® Blade Ion. Very cool stuff!

Practice makes perfect

Do you spend any time practicing your classes? I realize that few of us have a lot of extra time. If you do - why not spend an hour of "ME" time, riding along with Dennis leading your ride. This may be the best 60 minutes you'll spend this week 🙂

Our membership really grows this time of year. So if you've been contemplating joining us here at ICI/PRO, you won't be alone.

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