World backup day

March 31st is world backup day. Why not the day after, on 4/1? It certainly would be easier to remember. But it's on this day, not the next, because everyone would think they were joking if it was on April 1st, that's why.

All jokes aside, having a regular backup of your computer's files is critical and a Best Practice for Professional Indoor Cycling Instructors. I personally have experienced multiple hard drive failures. I make my living with a trusted friend, a Dell laptop. My entire business + all my music (although Spotify has reduced this particular risk) pictures, sponsor contracts, tax files... everything is dependent on a little disk spinning under my fingertips... and on a cloud Carbonite cloud server located who knows where. That's why they call it "the cloud" > nobody has a clue where that place really is. 

I haven't lifted a finger to backup my files for about 7 years. Every morning at 2:00am, Carbonite checks my computer, identifies which files are new, or changed and makes an encrypted copy that's safely stored wherever. I don't care where, as long as I can easily restore all of my data, the next time I drop my Dell on it's head and I hear all those funny noises again.

If you don't have an automatic backup happening everyday > I implore you to correct that oversight and sign up today.  


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