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In an earlier post I alerted you to the new FreeMotion Indoor Cycle with power from Foundation Fitness.  I've been doing research about the FreeMotion Indoor Cycle and Foundation Fitness, specifically on their educational programing and when will they be shipping product.

First; their Stages Indoor Cycling programming is headed up by Cameron Chinatti who, believe it or not, is an ICI/PRO member!

Cameron contacted me after seeing my first post, offering to help me understand what they had planned. After talking to her I got the impression that they really get it. Stages Indoor Cycling is based on the concept of Functional Threshold Power (FTP) with the intent of delivering measurable progress, using data collection tools = Indoor Cycling 2.0 🙂

From Cameron's IDEA Fitness Connect Profile

This is a good example of a completed Fitness Connect profile that you could follow.

Cameron is the Director of Education for Foundation Fitness and lead developer of Stages Indoor Cycling. Concurrently, she serves as CEO of Sounds Fit Solutions Inc; a company dedicated to fitness and audio systems education. As an international presenter/lecturer, Cameron has had the opportunity to educate on numerous topics ranging from indoor cycling to fitness career development. Her recent publishing credits include work for Foundation Fitness, and multiple contributions to the IDEA Fitness Journal and IDEA Fitness Manager. A background in Opera Performance and Vocal Pedagogy has led Cameron to create a specialty niche for fitness professionals wishing to develop the health, clarity and endurance of the human voice- a teacher”™s greatest asset. Cameron is currently a Master Trainer for BOSU® by Fitness Quest as well as Gliding by Savvier . She is a continuing education provider for ACE and AFAA and holds specialty certifications through numerous organizations. When not EduTaining in Nashville, TN., Cameron can be found entertaining and singing with Hi-Phi Entertainment based in Boulder, CO.

I have an interview scheduled with Cameron for the 22nd of this month and would be happy to ask her any questions you may have about their cycle or programming.

Second;  when will FreeMotion Indoor Cycles be available for delivery? The short answer is they hope to have them available this summer. The long answer I'm guessing is will be; "we'll wait and see." As other manufactures are finding, developing a reliable monitor/counsel for an Indoor Cycle that functions properly and doesn't cause a bunch of maintenance headaches, is no easy task.

As I learn more you will be the first to know.

4/12 update: I just learned that they have two test studios;

  • Rally Sport Health and Fitness in Boulder, CO
  • Sports Academy in Logan, UT

If you are near either one of these locations I would love for you to take a class there and report back to us.



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