road bike hand positionPaul Swift from BikeFit sent out another infographic showing proper wrist alignment, this time for road bikes. We published his previous email that highlighted proper wrist alignment on a mountain bike. Notice in the image above how the curve of the handlebar drops matches the natural, straight wrist position?

road bike hoods position

I see this problem a lot on our group rides... Set up incorrectly (bars rotated down too far) causes the hinged wrist shown above, left. Where this becomes obvious is the additional arm movement needed to grasp the brake levers - there shouldn't be any 🙁

With your hands on the brake hoods, your wrists should be straight for best comfort and control. In this position you should be able to rest your fingers on the brake levers. Rotating the handlebars and/or brake hoods upwards helps improve alignment for more comfort and better control.

Cuing wrist position in class, or on the road, will be appreciated by your participants.

road bike fit

Remember bike fit is not about the bike, but where you touch the bike.

Click image for more information about BikeFit

Click image for more information about BikeFit



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