Threshold Zombies > what a concept!

Ever construct the perfect threshold interval? Where everyone appears to be controlled by the music, hammering away as if they've lost connection with everything and anything beyond the pursuit of Zone 4?


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The only way to satiate their lust for Threshold based effort is a proper warm up, a few openers and then an awesome song that's the right combination of intensity and BPM. In my book, the music genre that will feed your Threshold Zombies best is Drum & Bass. Easy to follow, D&B music tends to communicate high 80's to 90's RPM. Here's a few for you to try.

Oh, and please turn-it-up. Zombies like it loud!

Download link

Here's the link to download if the option isn't showing above.

You'll need to be brave, or have a room full of Threshold Zombies that you love controlling, to use this one 🙂

Just don't turn your back on them... [/wlm_private]

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