Apple Smartwatch Best Heart Rate Monitor strap

Another Apple product I'll have to have...

Apple revealed their new Smartwatch today - there's not much information available yet, but I'm betting it will turn the fitness industry on its head. Disclaimer, I own Apple stock and my prediction is that the Smartwatch will become the de facto fitness device in the very near future.

And I'd be sh***ing my pants if I was Polar or Garmin.

Why? Because the iPhone is a really lousy fitness accessory. There I've said it. Despite being able to run all those wonderful fitness and cycling Apps, the iPhone sucks to use when you're exercising.

  • They make very cool bike mounts so you can use your iPhone as a bicycle computer... except the battery won't last longer than a few hours with the display on and GPS enabled.
  • Ever try to run with an iPhone strapped to your arm? Try to change songs? Don't bother, you can't without stopping.
  • Indoors it isn't any better. How many people use their iPhone in class? I've only seen two in all my years of teaching.

But we love our iPhones, so we've put up with how cumbersome they are to have along with us.

Put it on your wrist and everything changes. It will be as convenient to use as a ... wristwatch... a wristwatch that runs cool fitness Apps!

Our participants will want to wear their new Smartwatch in class. And what will they do with it? THEY'LL MONITOR THEIR HEART RATE - and maybe THEIR POWER/WATTS. They might also want to record their data + upload and track their progress.

The Apple Smartwatch will make Indoor Cycling 2.0 cool 🙂

The Smartwatch is supposed to be out in early 2015. Unless Apple has figured out how to detect your heart rate from your wrist, the folks from Scosche and Wahoo better crank up their production of BLE HR monitor straps

I can't wait to see what happens 🙂

Next Day Update: I'm seeing my prediction about BLE monitor straps being unfounded. The video below explains that the Smartwatch includes optical sensors like the Scosche = the heart rate monitor is built in, so no additional strap is needed.

Apple smartwatch Heart Rate Monitor

This promotional video is fascinating.


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