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Two articles, about two different Indoor Cycling Studios, came across my desk today! The fun part for me was how they both featured ICI/PRO members who've hung out their shingle and pursued their dreams of a fitness business!

The first article features Jeffery Beane and his new studio Rev Up Cycling in Greenville, SC.

And Rev Up also takes advantage of technology to help people keep up with their workouts and fitness goals. Each bike has a mechanical device that calculates the amount of work a person does while exercising.

“One of the challenges has been, typically in spinning, is that people get on there for 45 minutes to an hour, and they get all hot and sweaty, and they guess how many calories they might have burned; they don”™t really know,” Beane says. “With our system, they have a very accurate (record), as well as a way to track how many calories did you burn, how many watts did you produce. ... Since that data all goes into your account, you can track over time, ‘How well am I doing? How am I progressing?”™”

A screen shot of Jeff's online reservation page, from his great looking LiveEdit, website is above. By registering for a specific bike, the Performance IQ system knows who's - who in the class and then displays and records the rider's performance data in their user's account.

Jeff's studio is still very new. He'll probably appreciate learning how a bike reservation system has solved some problems at CBCycle Barn, from owner Karen Casler...

How CB CycleBarn Indoor Cycling Studio Used a Bike Reservation System to Cure 'It's MY Bike Syndrome'

What are your customers saying about your site and the Stations app? (Live Edit's name for their reservation system)

Customers love booking their bikes! It has a trickle down effect of both customer and studio benefits. The Stations app allows me to give the customer what I feel is the most powerful customer service tool there is. The Stations app lets the customer know exactly what to expect!

Aside from knowing what to expect, another bonus is that by booking a bike online, customers are immediately escalated to VIP status. I like to use the analogy of flying American Airlines vs. Southwest Airlines. People are territorial about their space in any GroupX class. Before the Stations app, any territiorial Bike Vultures arrived early cb_cyclebarn_mediumthumband hovered anxiously, waiting to stake claim to “their” bike.
Territory anxiety is now a thing of the past--but that”™s something I expected when we added the Stations app. What I didn”™t expect was that the Stations app would relax everyone! Some of the greatest feedback I”™ve received is from the riders who had simply put up with the Bike Vultures because it”™s been that way since the beginning of GroupX time. It never occurred to anyone (myself included) to complain about the “It”™s MY Bike Syndrome” riders.

The very day the Stations app launched, the tension that we didn”™t even previously acknowledge was instantly gone. Customers shared with me that they had felt so uncomfortable waiting for a class to start because of riders inflicted with IMBS. They had stories of being pushed, accidently hit with gym bags, and shoved aside in the stampede to stake claim to a bike. But that”™s not all. Riders from the class before the IMBS stampede had also been made to feel uncomfortable. Their amazing hour of cardiotherapy zen was abruptly disrupted by hovering Bike Vultures before the first rider could wipe down the bike and gather their belongings.

VIP status … Check.
Bike Vulture Extinct … Check.
Performance IQ Compatibility … Check.
Knowing Exactly What To Expect … Check.

As a studio owner, how can it possibly get any better ?
How bout … Parking Lot Congestion Relieved … Check.

One of the most common issues for any dedicated indoor cycling studio is the parking lot crossover between classes. Because it is no longer necessary to arrive early to secure bike real estate (and trust me some people arrive as much as 30+ minutes early,) riders now show up 5 minutes or less before class starts. This allows the first class to make their exit and gives a lil”™ breathing room for those coming in for the next class.


And there is one more box to check…

Competitive Advantage … Check.

At the moment, none of the big box gyms around our studio offer a Stations app reservation system. Using the Stations app makes reserving your class and showing up for class easy.

Again, priceless.



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