This ride is from Gene Nacey!! - “This week”™s episode of The Weekly Ride was an amazing pleasure for me; I was able to take, and record, Gene Nacey delivering this weeks ride, which he authored.

As an instructor, I find that I have very little time to get out an take classes that I am not delivering. But when I can break free for a class, it is a pleasure. As many of you may know, Gene and I have been friends, and business associates, for years now, and getting to take one of his classes is a rare treat as when we are together at a studio, we are usually working.

This class was an interval based ride design, and boy was it hard. As always, use your discretion when cueing intensity and tension. Gene delivered this ride using Keiser Bikes, so you will hear him refer to “gears” but you can certainly cue tension without the gears you need to.

Remember, you can get the full PDF of the ride choreography, the Apple Music and Spotify playlists, and the downloadable file to put all of the cues into MyFitnessDJ, as well as the link to purchase the class for iClass Builder at There is no other monthly service out there that does as much for you, the instructor.

I hope you enjoy this ride as much as I enjoyed riding and recording it." Joey

Short version of the ride PDF is available HERE.

You can get all of the ride details as part of our new era of The Weekly Ride HERE. Each week our members get:

  • Full Ride PDF
  • Apple Music Playlist
  • Spotify Playlist
  • File to Download the Ride directly into My Fitness DJ (Yes, no Programming)
  • The Ride will be available for purchase in the iClass Builder Store (No Programming)
  • A Podcast of the ride being delivered by a master instructor.

Get all of the ride details HERE.

Joey Stabile

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