Smooth Indoor Cycling Pedal Technique

This Indoor Cycling training video will help you learn the Elements of Style

Did anyone teach you how to pedal correctly?

I was lucky to have a mentor when I first started riding outdoors. My friend Eddy not only gently coached me on the finer points of cycling style as we rode together, he demonstrated an impeccable pedaling form. He was so smooth and powerful, that I desperately wanted to emulate how Eddy looked on his bicycle. So over hundreds of miles I watched and listened. Now I'll get an occasional comment about how smooth I am on a bike. I owe it all to Eddy!

So how do you learn if you don't have a friend or mentor with the experience and patience needed? Might I suggest this 40 minute video from the folks at Sufferfest: The Elements of Style - Efficiency and Awareness

I have an interview planned with David McQuillen the creator/producer of these excellent quality HD training videos tomorrow. So for show prep, I checked out what was new and downloaded The Elements of Style. NOTE: Sufferfest videos are only digital downloads > they don't offer DVDS. 

Indoor cycling form checks

Includes a nice "Systems Check" for proper riding position.

Learn to ride with style

I rode along and completed all of the drills included in this video today - fantastic. The recommendations are solid - although they just might conflict with what you've been told by others.

New Instructors should consider using this training to fine tune how they ride an Indoor Cycle. Maybe setting up with a mirror so you can see yourself from the side.

I know, as part of your training you were told a bunch of things about proper pedal technique and position... but have you ever practiced improving how you ride? More importantly, how do you look - when you're up there on the Instructor bike? Are you demonstrating a cycling style that your participants will want to copy?

THE DETAILS - from their website

Can you ride? Really ride? Can you Suffer with style? Make profound Suffering look effortless?
Although it has very little Suffering in it, Elements of Style may just be our most important video ever. Developed together with the expert team at CyclingTips and shot on location in Wanaka, New Zealand, this 39 minute video provides the very foundation upon which all your Suffering must rest.

Over the course of six specific drills, you”™ll learn and practice:

  • An exclusive 9-point ‘Systems Check”™ you can use on any ride to get into your optimal position.
  • A 4-step process for standing up on a climb and generating more power.
  • How to engage your core, including your glutes, for more stability and power.
  • The components of a smooth pedal stroke and how to bring them together at both low and high cadences.
  • How to stay relaxed and efficient under pressure.

Narrated by one of the best cycling commentators in the world, Eurosport”™s Carlton Kirby, you”™ll get clear instructions about exactly what to do, when and why. We guarantee it will change the way you think about your riding style after doing it JUST ONCE. Do it five times and you”™ll automatically adjust your position while out on rides. Do it 10 times and Sufferlandrian angels will burst into tears at the sheer epic beauty of you kicking the crap out of your competition all the while making it look effortless.

*** Download includes a FREE PDF from CyclingTips with further style tips. Look in the .zip folder after download. ***


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