life time fitness instructor auditions

Will you be auditioning ?

Life Time Fitness is hiring! If you've always wanted to teach Indoor Cycling or Group Fitness, at one of their 100+ beautiful upper-end big box clubs, this is could be your big chance 🙂

They (LTF) are all about member experience. The equipment (awesome sound system/twin big-screens for video + FreeMotion S11.9 Indoor Cycles with power) and their studios are fantastic. Their pay is respectable and you aren't forced to use music that's provided for you like at LA Fitness.

What should you do?

First, so you know, I know LTF 🙂 I'm lucky to live smack dab in the middle of four Life Time locations - with regularly scheduled Indoor Cycling classes with them since 2008.

#1 Read through these articles. We've helped dozens of Instructors get hired by Life Time

#2 Memorise the Life Time Fitness Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide an Educational, Entertaining, Friendly and Inviting, Functional and Innovative experience of uncompromising quality that meets the health and fitness needs of the entire family.

Don't take knowing this mission statement lightly - it's not optional. YOU WILL BE ASKED TO RECITE IT AS PART OF ANY AUDITION.

#3 Go to your local club location and find the the sign that looks like the image at the top of this page. It will include information about the audition schedule, name of the Dept Head running the auditions, etc...

NOTE: Some locations might not have immediate openings, but I wouldn't let that stop you from attending and showing your stuff! 

#4 I'm big on taking bold action, so I'd recommend finding a way to meet with the Group Fitness Dept Head, before the audition day, in person > if at all possible. You might ask the front desk if he/she is available right now.

If yes, then introduce yourself and expressing your enthusiasm for being part of her/his Instructor team. Ask an open ended question like; "what can I do to prepare for the audition?" and then listen. Now isn't the time to sell yourself... unless you are asked a specific question. Be respectful of their time and say so; "I know you're a very busy person, my objective to let you know who I am and that I'm very excited for the audition on ___________ and look forward to seeing you again then.

That's it, unless she/he appears to have more time for you. Be very careful not to ask anything beyond advice.

If no, ask when would be the best time to call and what number. They work crazy hours, so I'd call at different times until they answer - I wouldn't suggest leaving a message or emailing. Call until you get through. Tell them about your interest in teaching for them (again, NO SELLING) and then ask if you could meet them for two minutes to introduce yourself in person. Give two very specific days & times - DO NOT ASK; "what would be a good time to meet?" Busy people hate it when they're asked that... but they love when you give them a solid time that they can easily say yes/no to. Then follow the above.

These articles will guide you further.

No Certification?

No worries > they'll train you! Life Time realises that they need to develop/train people passionate about fitness, to become Instructors, through their Life Time Academy.

Group Fitness Instructor Training Overview

The Life Time Academy Professional Fitness Specialist program provides a unique educational experience of on-line, in classroom and hands-on learning, integrated with practical experiences that prepare graduates to succeed as a Professional Fitness Specialist in their respective area of emphasis.

The emphasis of the Group Fitness Instructor Program provides a quality educational experience that prepares graduates to succeed in the area of group fitness instruction, whether they are new to the industry or expanding their skills.

Topics covered in the Life Time Academy Group Fitness Instructor Training (GFIT) 50-hour program meet or exceed all the required standards set forth by the American Council on Exercise to achieve certification as well as the practical skills to lead a best-in-class group fitness experience.

With an 8-week curriculum, totaling 50 contact hours, the instructor-led coursework consists of approximately 30 hours of online study (reading, videos, activities, assignments and quizzes), 16 hours of in-club lab class time and 4 hours of practicum.

Curriculum includes:

  • Exercise Science Foundations

  • Essentials of Group Fitness

If you don't have a certification, I would ask the GFDH during your intro meeting for their advice for getting your training. LTF has multiple workshops throughout the year where you can receive the training you need.

Good luck and let me know when you're successfully on the schedule!  


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