Pearl iZumi Indoor Cycling Instructor discount program 2015

Bike / Run or Tri - everything is available @ 40% off.

Long time* ICI/PRO sponsor Pearl iZumi just announced their 2015 line of Women's and Men's cycling apparel!

We get a 40% discount on everything they make!

New members may want to check out our special access to the Pearl iZumi PRO Purchase program. Here's the basic info:

Welcome to the Pearl Izumi/ICI PRO Program! You are qualified for a 40% off retail purchase rate for up to $1,000 of gear per season at .

Please remember some of the basic rules of the program. This program is for your personal use only - please don't discuss your special privileges with anyone who's not part of the program; it's designed to make you more familiar with our products so you can show them off to your clients.

Of course, the whole process isn't complete unless your clients can purchase our products for themselves at a retail location - please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the stocking Pearl Izumi dealers in your area so you can send some customers their way - you might even land a few clients through these new relationships (you can use the dealer locator function on the site if you're not sure which dealers are nearby).

Dealer orders take precedence over any of our discount programs; your order will generally ship within 4 business days (even orders for PI employees have to wait), and you'll receive an automated email with your UPS tracking number once your order is en route.

Pearl iZumi Indoor Cycling Instructor 40 percent discount program 2015

ICI/PRO Annual/Platinum members can log in and review Pearl's entire 2015 line here. Please contact me if you have any issues accessing the programs website.

*I've lost track... I think this is year six of our exclusive access to the Pearl iZumi PRO Purchase program. Thanks Pearl for your continued support of our Instructors 🙂


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