Here's the profile I used a while ago in our Performance Cycle FTP assessment.

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1/25 75 min FTP Class

Klangstrahler Projekt — Extremely Well

At 10:47 Extremely Well is a perfect warm up song. Plenty of quiet early to give you time to announce the class format - followed by a number unique changes that you can use as a personal cues to initiate a change in intensity.

The Cars — Just What I Needed

Time for some openers - everyone knows this song, so load up the resistance @ 62 RPM and have them surge along to different segments. The objective is to have everyone up to threshold once of twice before the last 30 secs that is use as a short recovery.

ZZ Top — La Grange

Let's find your Best Effort! Have everyone find the 80RPM cadence and then add gears during the 30 sec intro.  I start the timed three minute Best Effort at the intensity change in the song at 0:34. Stage button and then encourage everyone by asking; "is this really you... at your best? [This is also a great time to be off the bike, working the room.]

The Kooks — Junk of the Heart (Happy)

This happy go lucky track is a fun reset/recovery. No purpose here, just fun 🙂

Moby — Extreme Ways (Bourne's Ultimatum)

We're getting serious now! I use this 100RPMish track to have riders dial in and observe JRAP/Base Watts. Find the cadence and then gradually add load until you feel your HR begin to creep above VT1 (just above chatty) and then recover slightly. I have them repeat this a number of times, always observing the connection between RPE/HR & the watts they're maintaining.

20 Minute Assessment

I remind everyone how they've found two numbers already, now well find the third that will really validate the others. This 20 minute assessment should flow smoothly from the earlier base watts we were in during Extreme Ways.

Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan Remix download this remix to have for this playlist. Right Click > Save As

Planet Caravan is slightly slower @ 94RPM. Establish this cadence and find the watts that you feel will be your Best Effort over twenty minutes. This # will of course be somewhere between the Base watts and the three minute Best Effort.

Ted Nugent — Stranglehold

Slower at 75RPM - request the necessary changes, while staying locked into your average. We've moved more of the work to our legs = breathing will become slightly easier.

Golden Earring — Radar Love

Back to 100RPM to give our legs a break.

The Kooks — Ooh La - another fun reset & recovery

Klangstrahler Projekt — Take A Breath and Safri Duo — Snakefood - 13 minutes of steady JRAP/Base watts (they should all know exactly where to go by now) and I just let them ride - cuing occasional out of the saddle time.

America — Sandman - 5 Minute Best Effort - or - additional JRAP/Base work if they already appear cooked 🙁

This 80 RPM live track has an awesome lead in you can use for a one minute recovery. Have everyone dial in the wattage of their choice and cue your start at the 1:10 [you'll hear it] for this last 5 minutes of hell!


Recover and Cool Down

Selah Sue — This World
Passenger — Let Her Go
Lana Del Rey — West Coast - Rob Orton Mix


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