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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Waking up to -3° F this morning reminded me again how thankful I am for Indoor Cycling 🙂

I felt today would be the perfect time to announce our new Facebook group - Celebrate Indoor Cycling 

Celebrate Indoor Cycling is dedicated to the memory of Jim Karanas

Anyone who knew Jim, loved him. He was a very influential part of creation of what all of us recognise as Indoor Cycling today. Jim's knowledge of  training was unequaled, as was his wisdom and understanding of what Instructors needed to do, to truly meet the physical and emotional needs and expectations of their participants.

All of us here at ICI/PRO benefitted immensely from Jim's insightful articles and Podcasts. This post of his profoundly changed my perception of my role as an Indoor Cycling Instructor. Three simple concepts that began the slow process of opening my eyes and accepting both the appeal and value of non-traditional forms of Indoor Cycling...

Who am I to decide? 

If a workout session has to produce a result, you have a paradigm for unhappiness.  Instead, my current approach is to create a training session that allows a person to get whatever he/she needs from the workout without interference on my part.

Just present the opportunity

As an instructor/trainer, my job is to create a situation and an environment in which members can experience the benefits of physical exercise, and nothing more.  Which benefits these are will vary with the individual, and it”™s important that I never assume what they could or should be.

Then accept their choice without judgement

I offer suggestions but recognize that this is their path.  I can't overshadow it with what I think they should do with, or gain from, their training.  That”™s not my job and would be a misuse of the trainer role.

Shortly before we lost Jim, he wrote Non-Authentic Indoor Cycling. If you haven't read it please take a moment and do so, because it describes his progressive vision for Indoor Cycling and what he felt would be our roles as Fitness Professionals.

If non-authentic IC is going to make a mark, why not embrace it for what it is — a way to train on the bike that makes (some) people fit and happy?


Why shouldn”™t any and every indoor cycling program be taught by those who are truly qualified to teach indoor cycling?  That would be the likes of us.  We know indoor cycling best.  We could create a program — inauthentic fluff, if you will — that”™s still authentic in its safety, structure and cardiovascular benefit.  Why not?


Interested in being part of a group of Instructors who believe like Jim did?

Then please request admission to Celebrate Indoor Cycling

We'd love to have you join us 🙂

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