Have ever asked your class; what do you want from me?

It's a very different question than; do you like my class? or; do you like my music? or; what could I do better/different?

Challenge #6, of the ICI/PRO 28 Day Instructor Challenge, was pretty simple:

#6 Ask some of your participants to fill out the feedback form after your class.

The PDF download we provided asked just one question:

survey questionsGetting honest feedback from people can be maddeningly difficult. Mostly it's because people will often lie to you when they are concerned the truth could hurt your feelings. So we designed this question to get a response that indicates a preference vs. a response that would be a critique. Consider how you would respond to these two questions, asked from your mother when you still lived at home:

#1 - What would you like for dinner?


#2 - Would you like my meatloaf for dinner?

Question #1 asks for your preference and you wouldn't feel a bit concerned by responding honestly with; I'd like your lasagna tonight Mom.

But question #2 is very different and most of us (if Mom's meatloaf is better used as a doorstop) might have a difficult time answering honestly 🙁

So if Mom's intent is to cook a meal that pleases you, she'll take your suggestion and do what she can to make you lasagna for dinner tonight. Then you'll be happy (you feel valued as a son or daughter) because Mom delivered based on your preference. And, because pleasing you makes her feel like she's a good Mother, Mom's happy as well!

But consider what happens when Mom asks question #2 (or doesn't ask either question) and just decides what you want/need for dinner... you show up for dinner and your first thought is; doesn't she know how much I dislike her meatloaf? Followed with; I love her lasagna, why doesn't she just ask me what I would like for dinner and I would tell her.

Now I realise that this is a pretty simplistic illustration, but does that sound anything like your role as an Instructor? 

So what happened? What were the responses our challenge participants received from their classes? Here's a few:

Your class wants you to be motivational and fun - not an educator

Would your class respond differently? Or similarly? Click to download the survey PDF.

So, how would your class respond?

Click here to download the survey PDF. Print a bunch to get your class responses and then report back here with your findings.



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