When Tom Scotto told me he wanted to lead the opening ride at the conference last year using  a live band, I was a bit skeptical. "How exactly will that work?" I asked him. "Don't worry about anything John... I'll take care of all the details... this is going to be awesome" was Tom's response.

And awesome it was and take care of the details he did!

Tom planned this ride to perfection - he even jumps in with the band to play drums at one point as he lead all of us on a journey through a series of towns based on different musical genres. I have to say I was very impressed as we rode from Funkville to Rockville and followed the intensity profile from ClassBuilder on the screen. Be prepaired to take notes as Tom has a bunch of great cues that you can use in your own class.

I knew that the crew from Cycling Fusion was filmed the event, but we never offered it for you to watch and learn from. So Gene's making the video available as a sort of reward for taking this short survey - you'll be taken to the video after completing the survey.

Joining Tom on stage are a very attractive front row made up of ICI/PRO Teammates; Stages Indoor Cycling Master Trainer Cameron Chinatti,The Senior Group Fitness Instructor Amy Macgowan, Spinning Instructor and Studio Design expert Barbara Hoots and of course Gene Nacey from CyclingFusion.com. There's also crowd shots that include many of the participants 🙂

Click here to take the survey and I'm sure you will enjoy it.


Spinning Instructors Amy Macgowan and Barbara Hoots

My two favorite women working hard 🙂



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